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This Hillbilly gal is heading for the hills with her shotgun and moonshine! In a pocket of America are an ingenious industrious people that used to transform their car engines into performance machines, so that they could outrun the police to bootleg moonshine during economic hard times and prohibition. Thank a Hillbilly for your fast hot rod! Stock Car racing in the USA has its roots in bootlegging during prohibition. Some moonshine running Hillbillies, went on to race in NASCAR, bringing their wild skills of back-country mountain – law evading – revenuer dodging – driving skills with them. My own grandpa is from the Appalachia’s and I can attest to the wild driving skills – it’s hereditary. Hence, all my speeding tickets, I bet I could wallpaper a small room with them all.

Printed inks on this t-shirt are black, red, green, gold-yellow, and blue. This t-shirt is natural/cream in color - it is not a white t-shirt.

These are one-run limited prints, not to be reproduced or re-stocked again, so that you can look different then everyone else. 

Atomic Swag uses the same inks and as were used on 1950s t-shirts, tablecloths, Hawaiian shirts, and fashion fabrics. Old school is still the best school! As always, these are made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton for sensitive skin, breath-ability, and a comfortable fit. This t-shirt is a natural cream-colored t-shirt - it is not a white t-shirt.